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Neeraj Sharma

Registered with the Ontario College of Teachers, TESL certified, working as an ESL/ LINC/ IELTS Instructor.

Moreover, he is trained with Wolver Hampton University, London, in teaching ESL in a distinct way of interactive methods. Apart from this, his individual approach and teaching strategies help in scoring high bands in IELTS. He has been assessing IELTS and OSSLT exams, and students enjoy his interactive lessons.

You will find him to be a dedicated and diligent individual with a breadth of skills, including curriculum design, customized lesson plans, conducting assessments, teaching ESL/IELTS with tech gizmos, and evaluating student’s progress. In his current role, he has had the opportunity to, in addition to ESL/IELTS, EAP teaching English composition and grammar, computer skills, employment preparation training programs according to various vocational goals, IELTS, and TOEFL. He is certified by Microsoft and well versed in all computer operations. This 20 years of experience allow him to gain a deeper understanding of the future direction of many students upon completing the English programs.

His experience as an ESL/LINC with “Adult Education Centre”, certified marker for IELTS exam in Centennial College, and scorer in OSSLT exam for 5 years has proven an asset to our institute. Belief in mature relationships with the students, inclusiveness, characterized primarily by mutual trust, respect, and the recognition of individual needs makes him a perfect mentor for our students.

Having the expertise of more than 12 years solely teaching IELTS with various institutions makes him a very distinct and popular instructor among his learners. Being a marker in the IELTS exam, he knows the intricacies of the exam, which can be fruitful to the aspiring candidates.

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