I was struggling for the last one year to get required band ( 7 in each module)in IELTS Exam ,then my friend suggested me the name of High Grade Tutors,and I did it ! Thanks for your help.


Being an international student I was trying to get 7+ Band in IELTS (general) for my PR File ,then I joined High grade tutors after trying many other classes , I achieved 8 in reading ,7.5 in listening,7 in writing, & 8 in speaking. Its just due to their small size, intensive learning sessions which prepared me to achieve my goal .


“I was in great pressure for my citizenship exam as I failed the exam twice and this was my third chance to appear before the judge , then my friend suggested me the name of High grade tutors and it worked and I got my citizenship ! I really recommend the services of High Grade Tutors to individuals who are struggling for this exam, they make you feel comfortable with study material and language too.”


I am really thankful to high grade tutors for their intensive ESL coaching & valuable guidance to make me feel confident in language skills to write my citizenship exam ,before joining I was in great worries about my test but they made me competent in language and I did it !


I ,Physiotherapist by profession, was struggling to achieve 7 band in IELTS(academic) to get my license in Canada, I have appeared many times in the exam but couldn’t achieved my goal ,then I came to know about High grade tutors , Now I have my license to start my career. I really appreciate them for their wonderful services.


High grade tutors are the best team of teachers to make you feel comfortable with the English language, their affordable fees structure, and small group size made it possible for me to avail this opportunity, join their ESL individual classes, and be competent for my future in Canada.


High grade tutors is the best school in Brampton to learn English as a second language ,their individual classes make you feel confident by using this language in daily life.

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